Yvonne Brooks


"This film will put Birmingham and the West Midlands back on the map for all the right reasons..."

PASTOR YVONNE BROOKS is the First Assistant Pastor of NJAC as well as the founder and Director of Women of Purpose Ministries, a UK based organisation that seeks to spread the gospel to all women and equip them to fulfill their destiny. She has helped many people change the course of their life by delivering the true Word of God in her dynamic and unique way of connecting to the hearts of people.

A qualified Behavioural Consultant, Mental Health Nurse and Registered General Nurse, Yvonne‚Äôs passion for seeing people receive deliverance, healing and restoration is evident as she ministers. She is also a much sought after speaker, in demand across the Caribbean, USA and the UK appearing on television and radio. ‘SECOND WIND’ is Yvonne’s first taste at acting in on a film and has been quoted that after reading the premise and the script her was ‘instantly moved’.