Syrona Ma’rie


"'SECOND WIND' draws you in. I was amazed at the detail put into this short feature! A film not to be missed!..."

SYRONA MA’RIE is an actor, singer, songwriter who has worked with the likes of Sony ATV, BBC, Anchor Studios in Jamaica, Vixia Enterprises, Tru-Fam Records to name a few, with releases internationally.

She has successfully written for two films; ‘Its a Wonderful Afterlife’, and ‘Last Flight to Abuja’. Always trying to develop herself as an artist she has had the chance to act in small televised acting roles, MTV video model, and work as a voice over artist. As an ambassador, Syrona Ma’rie, recently released a single ‘Independent Girls’, a joint promotion supporting the charity ‘’. Currently an artist on Spanish ‘Futura Agency’ she writes songs and records for APM Productions.

In the past, working with AW BROADCAST has been such an enjoyable experience, being offered the opportunity to act in ‘SECOND WIND’ was not a hard decision for her, and she snapped up the opportunity!