Thomas Vernal


"'SECOND WIND' is a breathe of fresh air..."

THOMAS VERNAL trained at the prestigious Arden School of Theatre in Manchester, where he learned to harness then shape his raw potential into the unique dynamic performer he is today.

Quickly forging a reputation as a strong, committed and versatile actor although his resumé is currently fledgling, his work to date is to an astoundingly high degree with two of his film performances being in projects that have both been nominated for and have won awards at the Black International Film Festival.

His work in commercials has taken him to being featured on the current Tesco ‘HUDL2′ tablet campaign.

Thomas’ skills do not stop at acting.

His surprisingly broad yet specifically honed skill-set has seen him tour as a professional singer, songwriter and recording artist in his own right.

Working alongside artists like Jay Sean, Lemar and no less than the late great Amy Winehouse.

Thomas Vernal is the future of British acting.

Definitely one to keep watch of.