Nigal Goodship | Riyaz Sheriffdeen


"Mesmerising cinematography..."

NIGAL GOODSHIP is a multi-award winning photographer whose works has recently been exhibited on a billboard campaign in in Time Square, New York. Specialising in Fine Art, Nigal is responsible for the behind the scenes imagery for Second Wind.

RIYAZ SHERIFFDEEN is a media professional that has worked in many technical aspects within TV production and broadcast. Overseeing technical aspects of three TV stations, and a post production facility and now an engineer at a leading global media film and TV production company, Riyaz still has energy and drive for more challenges.

Photography was part of the production world that interested Riyaz personally and working in production environments has provided a practical learning experience. Knowledge of lenses and techniques were gained on set while working with camera personal of different

Described as ANDREW WEBBER’S right-hand man, Riyaz is keen to increase his range and improve his abilities. This is why Riyaz has begun to exercise his creative side professionally. This is Riyaz’s first foray into the world of script consultation.