Official Selection | Jamaica Film Festival 2015
Nominated | Best Drama | Portobello Film Festival 2014
Nominated | Best Short | Movie Video & Screen Awards 2014


Focused on keeping the dark reasons for his disappearance a secret, ‘Dexter’ presents to his wife a last-chance ultimatum: 5 days of marital bliss in return for his signature on the divorce papers.

A reluctant wife ‘Josie’ agrees, but gets more than she bargained for.


Official Selection | Jamaica Film Festival 2015
Nominated | Best Drama | Portobello Film Festival 2014
Nominated | Best Short | Movie Video & Screen Awards 2014

ANDREW WEBBER makes his directorial debut in this emotional adventure into marriage and relationships, fusing surreal thought-provoking imagery with creative storytelling.

Shot on location in Birmingham & Wolverhampton, UK. Showcasing some of the most renowned locations such as the Birmingham Bullring shopping centre and the International athletics arena, Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium.

This compelling story features; Emma Jeng of 'Coronation Street' (ITV) and 'Doctors' (BBC), former Commonwealth champion Nathan Morgan, Pastor Yvonne Brooks and introduces Joshua Bailey - making his big screen debut.

AW Broadcast & Umbrella Studios present an Andrew Webber film: 'SECOND WIND'. Produced by Joshua Bailey & Andrew Webber. Written and directed by Andrew Webber, editor of films ‘THE MIRROR BOY’, ‘HARD TIME BUS’, ‘WAR OF THE SEXES’ & ‘THE BRIDGE’.


  • Andrew Webber

    "This film will touch people in a way that no other film has before..."
  • Emma Jeng

    "'Josie' was a great character to play, I loved the storyline - very moving and close to the heart... "
  • Joshua Bailey

    'Dexter' | Co-Producer | Co-Writer
    "I am so proud of this short. This is truly a remarkable film..."
  • Yvonne Brooks

    "This film will put Birmingham and the West Midlands back on the map for all the right reasons..."
  • Nathan Morgan

    'The Man of Josie's Dreams'
    "Proud to be apart of this film..."
  • Thomas Vernal

    "'SECOND WIND' is a breathe of fresh air..."
  • Syrona Ma’rie

    "'SECOND WIND' draws you in. I was amazed at the detail put into this short feature! A film not to be missed!..."
  • Tracy McCoy

    'Dr. Mary Jacobs'
    "Second Wind tackles head on an all too common but rarely talked about life changing event..."
  • Caston Webber

    "This film blew me away. So emotional..."
  • Dominic Davids

    Director of Photography
    "Picture perfect..."
  • Dionne Brewster

    Line Producer
    "Sometimes we always leave situations until another day and then it's too late. This film definitely depicts this beautifully..."
  • Rico Levant

    Production Manager
    “As Production Manager, it was great working on “Second Wind”. This is my first film and I learned so much from the Director...”
  • Jessica Carr

    "Absolutely breathtaking..."
  • Nigal Goodship | Riyaz Sheriffdeen

    "Mesmerising cinematography..."

A big thank you

AW BROADCAST and UMBRELLA STUDIOS would like to say a big thank you to all of those who have helped make this project possible.



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